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Welcome to our Tuscan manor near the medieval city, Massa Marittima!

Far away from mass tourism, on our hilltop you can expect an impressive ambiance with a view of the hilly landscape of forests, meadows, olive groves and vineyards. To the south you have a view of the nearby coast of the Gulf of Follonica. As our only guest you can relax and rejuvenate during your unique vacation in Tuscany.

castello della marsiliana wappen castello della marsiliana

Centuries ago the castle "Castello della Marsiliana" was built on our hill. Only the foundation walls are evidence of the original structure. The current buildings were built several generations ago from the remains of the ruins, but the original name and the beautiful surroundings still endure. Artifacts found beneath the buildings indicate that this promontory was already important even as far back as Etruscan times.

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